Useful Links


– Prayer Transliteration:

– Torah Reading Schedule:

– Online Tikkun: OR

– Prayer Recordings: OR

– Haftorah Recordings:

– Create your own Tikkun:

– The Hebrew Bible Online:

– Good General Jewish information site:

Recommended Liturgical Material

– Artscroll (orthodox prayerbooks, tikkunim, and other study materials)

– Siddur Sim Shalom (conservative prayerbook)

– Mishkan Tefilah (transliterated reform prayerbook)

– Metsudah Siddur (orthodox interlinear translation

– The Singlish Publication Society (pluralistic and egalitarian prayerbooks with interlinear transliterations and translations)

– Chanting the Hebrew Bible by Joshua Jacobson, Jewish Publication Society, detailed instruction on the cantilation of all chanted parts of the Bible, includes musical notation and a CD. The student edition is adequate and less expensive than complete hardback edition. (Conservative and Orthodox)

– The Art of Cantilation, Volumes 1 and 2 by Marshal Portnoy and Josee Wolf, UAHC Department of Synagogue Music. (Reform)

– Tha Cantors Assembly Sheet Music and CDs of all segments of the Conservative liturgy by Hazzan Pinchas Spiro.

– The JPS Hebrew-English Tanakh by The Jewish Publication Society

Recommended Reading and Resources


– To Life! by Rabbi Harold Kushner

– The Synagogue Survival Kit by Jordan Lee Wagner

– Jewish LiteracyBiblical Literacy Jewish Wisdom 3 books by Rabbi Joseph Telushkin

– The JPS Guid to Jewish Traditions by The Jewish Publication Society